We provide the legal support that is essential to stay afloat and set a course in troubled waters.

Legal advice on supplemental social security that combines a multi-faceted vision of other aspects, allowing us to identify needs and provide solutions on a case-by-case basis. To this end we act within a regulatory framework and rely on regulations that can be used to apply or, as the case may be, adapt the models.

Though our vocation is collective bargaining advice, given the relevance of coordinating social security interests and channeling negotiating conflicts, the possibility exists that demands may be subject to litigation or that an individual or group may need a legal defense. Our technical and legal staff is ready to represent you if need be.

Full legal representation: from negotiating collective bargaining agreements to consulting services involving Control Commissions, Boards of Directors and Governing Boards

Legal technical support to the investment, actuarial and, in particular, the governance departments

Specialized legal representation in every jurisdiction

Preparation and oversight of all required contracts: management, surety, investment trusts, enforcement companies, overtaxation and civil liability

Bravo Murillo 54, Madrid, España.

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