Law 12/2022, of Regulation for the promotion of employment plans, aims to encourage corporate social security:

• Two new figures are created: the Public Promotion Employment Pension Funds (FPEPP) and the Simplified Employment Pension Plans (PPES).

• Establishes the obligation for companies to negotiate and, where appropriate, agree with thelegal representatives of workers social security employment systems.

• New incentives for contributions to employment plans are introduced: expansion of limits and deduction in personal income tax for workers, deductions in Income Tax Companies and reductions in Social Security contributions for companies.

Who are the new simplified employment plans – PPES for?

• To SMEs included in sectoral collective agreements.

• To Public Administrations, especially small and medium-sized local entities.

• Self-employed workers.

How can we help you?

• Legal-technical support to the negotiators of the employment social welfare system.

• Design, implementation and commissioning of the system. Drafting of Specifications.

• Choice of Pension Fund to integrate the PPES: Public Promotion Fund or private.

• System monitoring, investment monitoring, financial-actuarial review.

• Training for the members of the Control Commission.

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