Pension and social security consultant

CPPS has been providing, almost exclusively, consultancy and advisory services in everything related to corporate social security, to companies, employees, Control Commissions and Mutual Societies since 1989. We are specialists in this field thanks to a multidisciplinary team of professionals, stable and with the highest qualification, professional experience and independence. We provide a global and comprehensive service to our clients but customized for each one, attending to their specific needs and requirements, thanks to our own developments and tools adapted to each case.

Our qualifications and experience accumulated over more than 30 years allow us to offer specialized and complete advice on any matter related to corporate social security, from collective bargaining for the implementation of complementary pension systems in the business field, to their implementation. effectiveness and its subsequent development, accompanying our clients at all times with training programs in different matters and in adaptation or change processes or even in conflict resolution or procedural support.

What do we do

We advise and train companies and workers in corporate social security and collective bargaining

Our qualifications and experience accumulated over 30 years allow us to offer advice for the resolution of conflicts, providing the negotiating parties with sufficient elements for global knowledge that enables decision-making.

We do not replace negotiators, we help them make decisions, reaching the agreements that are possible.

We provide comprehensive support to Control Commissions and Business Mutual Societies

The experience accumulated in the training courses given in hundreds of days, adapted to the needs of the client, is combined with university teaching practice.

We collaborate with

More than 30 years of experience

CPPS has as its maximum independence, qualification and professionalism that allows us to offer our more than 30 years of experience as a multidisciplinary team. In corporate social welfare we use our own computer resources and developments for each of the areas of the comprehensive service we offer, so we do not depend on outside technologies.

Where we are


Bravo Murillo 54 Esc. Dcha. 1º
Cp: 28003 Madrid


Av. Diagonal, 361 – 1º. 1ª A
Cp: 08037 Barcelona


Lutxana, 6 4º Dcha. D.
Cp: 48008 Bilbao

Bravo Murillo 54, Madrid, España.

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